It’s one of the most haunting questions we go through; are we happy or are we simply comfortable? The two are separated by such a thin line that it’s hard to distinguish between them. It happens all the time, an illusion of happiness clouds our judgement when really, it’s just comfort. How often do people stay in a dead-end job just because everything is familiar? How often do they avoid a break-up because they don’t want to break a relationship they’ve built for years? I for one, am pretty sure that most of the people I know side with comfort. Hell, I’ve sided with it a few times!

I was just talking to my best friend. She got into a pretty good MBA program in Delhi and I’ve never heard the same kind of excitement in her voice. But along with the excitement came a few doubts (obviously). Being from Ahmedabad and never having lived anywhere else she was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? The truth is, leaving home can be scary but nothing can beat the rush. I was scared out of my mind when I moved to Hyderabad for college and the first few weeks were terrifying but I survived; so will she. We’ve changed drastically over time and we’ve gone in two opposite directions but our anchor, that’s still the same. I’ve always thought myself to be pretty strong and she’s been my protector. What does that tell you about her? You would think someone like her wouldn’t be worried but change, that worries even the best of us (no matter how much we claim to like it).

Sometimes, you’ve got to move out of your comfort  zone, move away from anything even slightly familiar to find out what you’re really made of. It’s the only way. It’s only how you see yourself that matters, it always will be. I won’t say that I’ve seen and experienced everything (I haven’t even fallen in love yet) but I’ve seen a bit. We all have theories about how the world works, and my theory is pretty cliché. Move out of comfort, it’s time to get up and find your happiness. I’m not talking about the superficial relative kind, I mean the absolute feeling of happiness and content that no situation or person can change.

2 thoughts on “Dutta

  1. Meghna Datta March 15, 2014 / 7:14 am

    It’s believed that the only constant in life is ‘change’. The only thing you should be afraid of is familiarity. The more comfortable you get, the more dull you become and I feel its time I take a leap of faith and trust myself to make things work. Hell it’s not going to be easy and as I say life’s a climb but the view’s great 🙂

  2. kuldeepsinhchavda March 15, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    Yes you are right ashni. We have to move out of our comfort zone to know this world, to experience things, to face the challenges which we normally just think. Life gets real! But there are always friends like you present to make the other feel comfortable at times. Life becomes interesting with the presence of the people you fight, you love, and you live!:)

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