With Internet memes spreading like wildfire amongst today’s youth the use of social networking sites has started to decline gradually. Read on to find out more on the rise of a new social trend and the expected fall of an old one.

In its annual report this year, Facebook confirmed the decline of its usage amongst teenagers all over the world, which doesn’t pose as much of a surprise. Social networking has been the most popular ongoing trend for the past five to seven years; it seemed about time that a gradual fall would come into play. With the rise in popularity of other Internet trends, especially memes, and the fact that social networking has lost its appeal there was bound to be a decline in its usage sooner or later.

Social media is useful; there is no doubt about it. Connecting with people has never been easier but one of the major reasons for its popularity was an easy way to pass away free time. With memes and their increasing popularity, attention has started diverting away from sites like Facebook and is now going to exclusive meme sites like One may ask how memes became so prevalent in the cyber scenario is such a short period of time. The answer is simple; memes successfully address the most basic aspects of human behaviour and interaction with a humorous twist. A good example would be the“you don’t say” sarcastic meme that was a raging trend for about two and a half months amongst many youth circles because of its simple and easily understandable sarcastic tone. It has now literally become a part of the present generations active vocabulary.

Facebook was often used as a medium to promote an upcoming event or trend but recently the tables seem to have turned. Memes uploaded onto Facebook has become one of the few reasons the population visits the site so often. The memes on ones news feed is what has started engaging the mind more than anything else. It seems like Facebook needs 9gag; 9gag on the other hand is doing absolutely fine on its own.

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