Mood Swing

It’s quite unusual how much people around can affect ones happiness quotient. I recently started preaching the “Being Zen” theory I initially got from That 70’s Show. It means, no matter how crappy the people or situation around you is, do not let it affect your inner peace. In the immediate past, however, I realized that it is practically impossible to do so.

I left work yesterday, as happy as a unicorn on LSD (no idea why though). It was raining, and most of the times I love the rain, especially when I’m not scared out of my mind that my laptop might die because of it. I had my favourite song playing on my phone and it wasn’t even that cold. Basically I attained a point of absolute happiness, one I haven’t attained in quite a long time.

The worst part of finding a moment of absolute happiness is that it’s all down hill from there. Sad, but true. I reached home in a state of euphoria, and then it started wearing off. It finally hit rock bottom after a conversation with a few of my friends. When all your friends go through a crisis at the same time, it does end up taking a toll on you; that’s more of a universal fact (anyone who says otherwise is lying). I’m probably the most thick-skinned people I know and it got to me. Although something one like me doesn’t want to admit, I hate the fact that they usually go through it all together. And having to listen to it (although I have never minded it) takes a toll on my happiness too.

People around you DO affect how you feel, no matter how Zen you are. If it isn’t people around you, its people you care for. It really sucks but it’s true. Preaching the concept of Zen is way easier to do, than to actually do it yourself. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there and I’ve failed.

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