That Hint of Magic

So, in all honesty, most of us are grown up, going through our own face-offs with reality and I realize that. My reality: my college life is coming to an end, I don’t know what I want to do and that is enough for me to get worked up.  Even with all that, I like to remind myself what it’s all about, even if it is just to calm down. As a kid I thought I was quite realistic but there are always two sides of a coin. I believe that one person can have two different centers of belief; I do. The innate part of me believes in dreams, magic and serendipity. The more practical side (yes, I had it even when I was 3) however, became stronger as I grew up. Some points made me forget the dreamer altogether, but some things are simply in your veins. The idea of magic is in mine. I’m not talking about Harry Potter/Hogwarts kind of magic (although that would have been a whole different level of awesome), I’m talking about the little guilty pleasures we all take which to me is no less. Absolute happiness is a difficult emotion to feel; personally I’ve felt it only a handful of times but it made all the daily crap we go through as so-called adults, totally worth it. It’s these guilty pleasures I talk about.

The first time I felt the magic of life after I grew up was a few years ago. I was riding my bike (yes, I still do that) and I was listening to my favourite song at the time. All of a sudden, it started to rain. For those of you who do not know who I am, I LOVE the rains. So, with the song, the bike and the rain, it was the feeling I always dream off; that hint of magic. It’s the little things at the end of the day. I may be writing this and putting it out there but I guess this is more of a reminder; we all need a reminder once in a while. This reminds you that no matter how shitty things get at times, it might just be a moment of pure bliss that makes it go away. And NEVER look out for those moments; it’s more fun when they creep up on you.

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