And So It Goes On

There are so many moments in life filled with utter devastation; so many instances where we all think that we cannot possibly go on. It’s quite funny actually, when you come to think of it. Especially when those times simply become a memory that holds little value. Think about it. No, really think about it.

That time in 9th grade when the person you were crushing on started dating that popular kid. You cried your eyes out and kept wondering why God decided to punish you so. After all those times you spent day dreaming about being in an awesome rom-com with him/her, eventually you realized it wasn’t going to go your way. You spent months on that one.

Your world crashes down next when your grandmother passes away abruptly. The worst part about this one is you weren’t spending any time with her off late. Teenage moody years do that to you; all you want is a little seclusion. Getting over death is way harder than anything else; I’m sure everyone has had a taste of it in some form or another. Now you realize life is shorter than you thought it was and vow to never take anyone important for granted. An outburst of tears here and there is still in the books even years after though.

The first real relationship you were in starts going sour and after spending years with one person, you realize it’s time to leave. It could be a year, it could be more. But this moment really gets to you. After a life you spent with a lot more difficulties than you expected, the one thing that was going right goes as wrong as it can get. When you do decide to leave however, the only part you can remember are the good ones, the bad times seem so miniscule in comparison. To top it all off, you haven’t told your parents about anything and they start being the bane of your existence with the “why are you so moody?” and the “what are you doing with your life?” It gets tough, really tough and you feel all the energy you had to go on, leave you day by day. Eventually you realize it was really for the best. You couldn’t have spent your life with that person no matter how hard you tried. And you can now jot down the things you absolutely don’t want in a partner.

Then you don’t get the job you really thought you deserved and you’re stuck at a place you never imagined you would be in. With your parents up your ass about you being a failure and your friends consoling you when you don’t want it, you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Finally in a few months you move on to a better job and a new life someplace far from your parents and realize how much you miss them no matter how much you drove them crazy.

After all the shit you went through, after a few months, or even years, you realize that every experience, no matter how bad and unfair, taught you how to go on with life. No one said life was easy but no one warned you on how hard it was going to be either. Things never happen because you deserved it, they happened because it’s just how life is: a bitch. Sooner or later the bad times fade away, and you’re left with a faded memory; a memory that stings nevertheless but doesn’t hurt as much as you always thought it would. It’s difficult to believe and hope for a better time when you’re in the midst of the dark times, but believe me, the sun comes around eventually, even if it is winter. So suck it up for now, because it isn’t always going to be this bad.

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