­It hummed in the background as night turned to day, but ignorance was bliss.
The screeches started later that day, it too was pushed to the back of my mind.

Persistent and roaring, it kept pulling forward till it was all that was left.
Eating at my insides, consuming me whole, it struck at the darkest hours.
The sky burst open and so did my soul.
It came flooding out as I crumbled to the ground with nothing to hold on to.

Shocked I was, but it kept me mesmerized as the it pulled forward.
Consciousness started to elude me but I no longer wanted to care.
It took over and I still didn’t care; now it was what I wanted so I let it be.
I crashed and so did my spirit. It was done.
There was no going back, but would I survive it, is a question unanswered.

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