You v/s Her

It’s not her, it’s you. Don’t kid yourself. You don’t want an adventure, you want a “home-maker”. You want quiet and traditional, untouched and innocent. She wants passion, travel, conversation and equality. You like drinking out and talking about the ass on that girl drinking tequila shots. She likes curling up on her bay window and reading a good book while chugging mango shake. You like telling her what clothes to wear and who to talk to while she wonders why she listens to you when all she wants is her shorts. You love bitching about the downside of having her in your life while she just smiles and says “everything is great” whenever her best friend asks her what’s wrong.

You dream of a family, great kids and a great life but you don’t dream about any of those with her. She dreams of traveling the world, learning about different cultures and learning how to play the guitar but you’re always next to her in all of those. You don’t get it yet, you aren’t even close.

You think you are perfection, that you are never wrong but that’s because you never listen to her side of the story while she always makes an effort to understand yours. She is quiet now, but she’s screaming on the inside. She wants to be heard but you’re not there. So get this straight. It’s not her, it is you. Your narrow minded, chauvinist behaviour is the matter, not her free-spiritedness. You couldn’t do better if you were George Clooney with Sam Winchester’s body but all she needs to do is look around and she’ll find twenty men worth ten on you.

So stop screwing around, and stop treating her like a piece of ass, because she is so much more. She possesses the power to destroy you if she wills, she loves with all her heart and she doesn’t know how to disrespect you. You should learn from her because she’s the only one who pushes  you to be a better version of you, and why wouldn’t you want that?

Either you love her right or you don’t. There is no middle ground to it. It’s your call but take it quickly because sooner or later she’s bound to zap out of her trance and realize she can do way better. And when that happens, you’re the one who would be left in shambles, wondering what you did wrong. So here is me, telling you to do it right, way before that happens. The choice, however, is entirely yours.

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