I’m just so tired; I want the world to be quiet for some time. I often wonder what absolute quiet is, how still can the universe really be but alas, it has always remained a wondering. Twenty-two years of being, and all I really want is quiet. Imagine stillness so pure, that not even a leaf on the highest branch of an Oak tree shivers. Imagine being awake, when the whole world is in a trance of darkness.

The darkness has always been my friend. I find myself being myself most when there is no light in the vicinity, when I’m calm enough to take off everything I’m not. People only love the ocean when the sun is dancing on the horizon. No one ventures out once the sun goes down, the breeze settles in and the sharks come out. It is then, people go home to the comfort of their homes. But it’s when the sun sets that I walk along the shore and stare out into the vastness in complete awe.

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