I was never a fan of sharing a bed with anyone. I would fidget too much, feel really hot, or simply be uncomfortable. It was simple, I would roll over to the other side, and sleep as comfortably as I possibly could. I never fell asleep with other people until you held me in your arms and drifted away to sleep. You held me close, like you were scared I would be gone by daybreak. And I held you near, because I didn’t want to leave, even if it was my basic instinct.

I hated sleeping with someone else in my space. I would keep waking up for no reason in particular. Now, when I wake up I wish to see you, because I haven’t slept as well since I fell asleep in your arms. You made me realize how happy I am, how very lucky I am to have you. I’ve never loved sleeping in the same bed as other people, but then again, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.

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