The Woman

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said as the girl walked into the room filled with the smoke from her cigar.  The girl was drenched from head to toe and was visibly rattled by her presence. She didn’t expect to see her there, she didn’t really expect anyone. But there this woman was, a vision in red, her hair flipped to one side, her scrumptious lips letting out the smoke from her last drag. She wore a kaftan, the colour of blood; her hair was a curly mess but it suited her. Her manner suggested femme fatale but when she looked at her face, all she saw was a sparkle she hadn’t seen in a long time. If hope was to be impersonated, the woman in red was how it would look.

“You think you don’t know me, but look closely.”

The girl did as she was asked and peered closely at the face of the woman who had made herself more than comfortable in her home. She finally saw it; the same chocolate eyes, although slight wrinkles now surrounded them, the same mildly asymmetrical features gracefully aged stared back at her. The difference though, was in the eyes. Her eyes were older but were calmer, as if at peace, as if they knew the secrets of the universe.

The woman started speaking.”You need to know. You’ll be off for four years before you come back to this place you call home. These four years are going to be the most difficult of your life. You’re going to make mistakes you’ll wish to undo, you are going to cry yourself to sleep many a nights, you’re going to run after the wrong sort of love and you’re going to give more than you get. But know this, every pair of lips you will ever kiss will be practice. All the bodies you shall undress will just be a preparation for what will eventually come your way. You will taste them at night and you will dream about them in the day. But they’ll turn into the a hallway in memory lane you will stop visiting and will eventually fade. It’s going to be a tough ride, and you will not believe the emotional endurance you possess throughout it all. You’ll learn that soon enough. There will be points where you will give up, points where you’ll want to lose yourself at the bottom of a bottle of vodka, and you will. But you will always bounce back because you are destined for greatness, you are destined to be me. And it’s a bumpy ride ahead, but I promise you, every doubt you have, every time you second guess yourself, you will have the ability to bounce back like no other.”

There was a flash of lightning, and then she was alone. All she could hear was the pitter patter of the rain.



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