Just for a Moment

Just for a moment, I thought it was as real as the blood rushing through my veins. I felt you in my thoughts; I had forgotten that was possible. There was a storm inside me, a storm which could make the heavens pour and the oceans rise, a storm I could not calm no matter how hard I tried. I could feel myself drowning every step of the way but I prayed I would learn how to swim.

Men came and went, all of them adding fire to the fury. I denied you my soul out of habit more than fear, but the more you pushed, the thinner my constraint grew. I fell for you and I fell hard; in that single moment I saw you as my need, my happiness and my future. The storm calmed itself and I saw through the clear skies once again. I still can’t recall the last time I sat under an unclouded sky.

But the calmness of the waters was the quiet before the storm and this is no hurricane I have ever been through before. You looked into me, and for a moment you loved what you saw. Then the moment passed, and you changed your mind. You were red and I was blue; with you I turned purple, and you decided lilac wasn’t for you. The tempest coming will be nothing like the others, I wasn’t ready for this, so I’ll brace myself till it passes, for I can only be sure of its passing.

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