About Ashni

So, I’m not sure how I can write about myself and not sound self-absorbed. I don’t believe words can define a person, no matter how hard they may try. I’m occasionally sarcastic, I procrastinate more often than I should, and I’ve been told I’m eternally tired.

I’m basically from India, or what I like to refer to as the land of more colours than you can possibly imagine. I love to travel although I don’t think I enjoy a feeling more than the one of returning home. I have a sense of humour albeit not a great one, even though many of my friends may say otherwise.

There isn’t anything specific that I would like to say. I was a design student, now working in marketing. I like jotting my thoughts down; it’s somewhat of a hobby . There’s isn’t too much to me, really. I’m just a regular Jane.

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