This feeling. Yes, the very one I haven’t experienced in a long time. The one words do no justice to. Yes, the feeling of separation is the one I rant about today. It’s a hole in the pit of my stomach that moans for attention. It’s an uneasy prod at the back of my mind. It’s the butterflies in my chest that definitely should not be there. It’s that crappy feeling that has absolutely no cure.

The message is clear. Something bad is happening. Something that shouldn’t be happening. If I could postpone it, I would, but postponing is just a way of saying “let’s leave this for another day”. What use is that? I had learnt to put away this feeling so well; how it crept back in me is a mystery. It hurts. More than I remember. It makes my breathing shallow and tears well up in the corner of my eyes. Unfortunately there is only one thing I can do; sleep. Sleep always seemed to numb the pain before. Maybe it will work this time around too. I need to sleep; sleep and hope that the nasty thoughts of separation fade away as the dreams seep in.